Saturday, July 27, 2019

Ten-year-old Troy Onstott continues putting in hard work during therapy at Children's Mercy Hospital

In her latest update about the recovery process her son Troy Onstott, 10, is going through at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City after an ATV accident, Jill Onstott notes mote improvement from Troy and thanks to the community that has been supporting Troy and the Onstott family as they continue their journey.

Day 24:

I fell asleep last night. I tried to write my update but failed to keep my eyes open. 

Waking up to our prayer warriors already working for Troy before we rise in the morning is how we start our days and I wasn’t about to start this day any different.

Troy had a great day yesterday. His eyes look brighter and he is working even harder than before. 

The pool is my favorite...yesterday he was using his left arm to get his right arm on the side of the pool but today he lifted his right arm all the up on the side without the help of lefty. He couldn’t keep it up there but it’s coming. 

The arm-bike video is so cute; when she says 5 more, he hits 5 and instantly closes his eyes. DONE!

And the struggle of getting that bat up above his head on his right side, he is trying so dang hard. He finds a way and I know he will get there in time.

God- you continue to lift us up daily, putting all the pieces back together again. Troy is healing in ways we can’t explain but we know it’s all YOU! 

I pray that everyone supporting us Lord knows how much we love them and I thank YOU for putting these people in our lives. You have blessed us incredibly and we will never cease to honor your name. 

Lord we love you and trust in you and continue to give this up to you. You have cleared the path of this storm and we will follow it until the end. 

It’s in your good name we pray,


Here’s to a weekend of miracles

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