Friday, July 26, 2019

The challenges facing Troy Onstott

The sheer magnitude of the challenges facing Troy Onstott, 10, son of T. J. and Jill Onstott of Lamar comes through in the latest Facebook update from his mother.

Day 23:

“You’re so awesome!”...pretty sure Troy hears this 100 times a day. He definitely gets in trouble somedays too but for the most part, he’s
pretty darn awesome 

Just look at him wanting to run up and down those stairs. Is he doing them right? No. Is he listening to his therapist? Nope. Does mom like his drive to go faster? YES!!!

He was showing off his walking skills in the pool today. 

Holding onto the side with little to no help from his therapist, and no floaty attached. 

Notice when he makes his turn, he grabs his right hand with his lefty to put it on the side. I can’t wait to see the progress he makes with his righty.

And then that wink, along with a smile, along with a high five (that he initiated), along with a hand hold (that once again, he initiated). The only thing that would make this day better would be sharing it with our babies!  And that will happen soon.

Ohhh Mighty God- my bad my bad, I just caught myself talking to you while sitting on the toilet and realize that we clearly need to set some boundaries.

God, I see the brightness in Troy’s eyes these last couple of days. He seems more alert. 

This morning I told TJ that although his eyes are brighter, he looks sad. Makes me wonder if he’s becoming more aware of his situation or just me staring at him 24/7 and reading into his expressions too much. Maybe just tired? I don’t know. 

It’s so hard sometimes trying to figure this boy out while he’s unable to communicate with us. Lord I ask that if he is sad, please let him realize that he is safe and help him find a way to feel comfort in knowing that he will be ok. 

Please give him the strength to keep pushing himself, even when he doesn’t enjoy the task at hand. Which can be many some days. I am praying for more power in his right arm. And lord, you already know how much I want to hear his voice. We all want to hear Troy talk again. You never cease to amaze us with the love you show through Troy, so thank you for blessing us all with this kid. He’s something I tell ya! A true miracle. 



Anonymous said...

When the going gets tough, the tough get to going. Keep going, Troy!

Anonymous 2 said...

Keep going Troy, The LORD has a message for you. Unsure of what that message is, but between you and the LORD you both know. LORD JESUS, please keep touching Troy's body and continue healing him. So glad that Troy has more to do on this earth before he comes to be with you. His commitment here on earth is not done. Thank you LORD JESUS!!! Go Troy keep on getting better!!!