Monday, March 30, 2015

Joplin R-8 School Board doesn't want to hear you

It has not been easy for constituents to address the Joplin R-8 Board of Education since C. J. Huff arrived in town in 2008, a year in which Anne Sharp was serving as board president, the position she holds now.

Constituents have to register in advance, they have to speak on a subject that is on the agenda, and they are limited to three strictly timed minutes.

Apparently, even that is not good enough. Those who go to the "How to Address the Board of Education" page on the district website, can click on a link to get a form to fill out.

Unfortunately, when you click that link, you reach an error page.

Of course, that could be a metaphor for the Joplin R-8 Board of Education.


Anonymous said...

If she's commited to what she says in her as she is exactly what this district needs.

Anonymous said...

Outrageous! The Joplin Board of Education is accountable to the electorate and that is the VOTERS! (Not Dr. CJ Huff!) "The role of a Board of Education is to set policy and the role of the administration is to execute it. Policy is a foundational governing document." It does appear that this Board is openly supporting and condoning Dr. Huff and his delegates’ blatant violations of Board Policies GBCG:
“12. Submit all required reports or paperwork at the time requested. Employees will not falsify records maintained by the school district.
19. Employees will not use district funds or resources to advocate, support or oppose any ballot measure or candidate for public office."

My family’s financial future is tied to this community and it’s scary to watch the downward spiral of the district’s academic achievement, overall prestige and financial stability. We might be going about this the wrong way and should start focusing on the Board. (Two of the members have been trying to change things but they are outnumbered.) Does the electorate have legal recourse against the Board's Officers? Ultimately, the Board is accountable for all actions of the Joplin Schools' Administration. The buck stops with the Board of Education.

Anonymous said...

Anne Sharp needs to step down. She has broken her own policy in a shameful attempt to protect Huff. The fact that he is a grotesquely poor manager doesn't phase her so she must be in on all his messes too. They absolutely must go, and if there is a lawyer who could help us get some of their wasted money back, I wish he or she would step up.

Anonymous said...

I wish Anne Sharp would quit hanging out at the school without any real reason. She's obviously electioneering while we are a captive audience and have to pretend to be friendly or get canned by their corrupt administrators. I resent all of this. It's not fair and she's taking advantage of us. Won't help as long as we have private voting...

Anonymous said...

I saw a Joplin student wearing a "Vote Sharp" shirt to school. Is that kosher?