Saturday, March 14, 2015

Jopin MNEA chapter endorses Koch, Roberts, Martucci

The Joplin MNEA chapter has announced its endorsement of Jeff Koch, Lane Roberts, and Jennifer Martucci for the R-8 Board of Education.

Koch, Roberts, and Board President Anne Sharp are in the running for two three-year seats on the board.

Martucci is in a three-way battle for the one-year seat left open when Dawn Sticklen resigned last summer.

According to a notice on the Joplin MNEA website:

Joplin NEA endorsement committee had the opportunity to interview five of the six BOE candidates running for the three open seats coming up in the April 7th elections. The committee, through the interview process, have come to the agreement to endorse the following candidates:
1 year seat: Jennifer Martucci
3 year seats: Jeff Koch and Lane Roberts

All of the endorsed candidates came to the JNEA March monthly meeting to talk to our members. They spoke to the current needs of our students and teachers/staff. They are very passionate in their candidacy of becoming the next group of Joplin BOE members. JNEA will post interview details in the near future.

The only candidate who did not agree to be interviewed by the local MNEA chapter was Nancy Good.

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Dusty Roads said...

Roberts will just be another rubber stamp, he did not have the gumption to arrest Rohr for cuffing his wife at city hall or at his home.