Thursday, March 19, 2015

Humphreys: Hancock told me Tom Schweich was Jewish

In a sworn affidavit provided to KY3 in Springfield today, TAMKO CEO David Humphreys said that Missouri GOP Chairman John Hancock told him that State Auditor Thomas Schweich was Jewish.

In the days before he shot himself to death, Schweich had talked to various supporters about a whispering campaign that he believed Hancock was spearheading against him labeling him as Jewish.

The Humphreys affidavit reads as follows:

Comes now affiant, David C. Humphreys, first being duly sworn, and on his oath states, to the best of his knowledge and recollection, the following:

1. At or about 3 p.m. on November 24, 2014, John Hancock came to my office at 220 West 4th Street in Joplin, Missouri.

2. I understood Mr. Hancock's purpose for meeting with me to be an attempt to raise funds for developing a modern, up-to-date voter database for use by the Missouri Republican Party.

3. In the course of our conversation, Mr. Hancock made what were in my opinion negative comments about State Auditor Thomas Schweich.

4. Although I do not recall the exact words Mr. Hancock used, he said words to the effect, "Well, you know he (Tom Schweich) is Jewish.

5. The meaning I took from Mr. Hancock's statement and tone of his comments was clear. He (Tom Schweich) is Jewish--in case you didn't know--and that being Jewish is a negative attribute for Tom Schweich's gubernatorial race.

6. Immediately after the meeting ended I walked into an associate's office and said to her words to the effect; "I just finished a meeting with John Hancock. I am not going to tell you why and I am not going to tell you what he said, but I do not want us giving Hancock any money for any reason."


Anonymous said...

My question is, what difference did/does it make that Mr. Schweich was jewish? Was it affecting his job? Not in my opinion. I for one thought he was doing a stand-up job and had every intention to vote for him in the next election.

Anonymous said...

The GOP has an anti semite in the house. This can become the downfall of the GOP expanding base in Missouri. Maybe he should be investigated for his racial slurs as a hate crime.

And I fault Hanaway and Rex as well...just follow the money!!

Anonymous said...

I have wondered the same thing. What's the big deal? Everyone is something.
People do extremely weird and nasty things in politics. That should stop.

Anonymous said...

>>>My question is, what difference did/does it make that Mr. Schweich was jewish? Was it affecting his job? Not in my opinion.<<<

You must not be a student at Glenn Beck University, you are clearly not in the target market group for this anti-semetic whispering campaign.

Supporters and followers of people such as David Barton and David Charles Tate are.

This is typical Palinite tactic, also too.

Anonymous said...

Karl Rove does stuff like this. He's low but certainly not stupid.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mr. Hancock is saying the people of Missouri hates Jews. Now that is a racist statement if ever I heard one. The hell with resigning he should be charged with a hate crime.