Thursday, March 19, 2015

Outside interest group pours $5,500+ into Nancy Good campaign

The first oversized contribution of the Joplin R-8 Board of Education race took place today.

The Missouri Realtors Association, Columbia, contributed $5,520.43 to the Committee to Elect Nancy Good, according to a 48-hour filing with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Good, the president of Bright Futures USA and former campaign treasurer for Shawn McGrew and Mike Woolston, is one of three candidates for a one-year seat on the board, along with Jennifer Martucci and Melinda Campbell.


Anonymous said...

WTF? They must have something to gain from this. Why do I increasingly feel like Joplin has become a battered whore that every God damned outsider feels free to use and abuse? As a born and raised Joplinite, I was horrified to see filthy scavengers on my property pilfering through the battered remains of what was my familiy's personal belongings. True, little was salvageable, a child's toy, my wife's pajamas, but it was mine to go through, not some bum from Oklahoma, The feelings of helplessness and being violated are continually dredged up everytime some outsider like CJ, Rohr, or Columbian Realtors concoct some scam to suck the blood from this community.

Anonymous said...

No Good

Anonymous said...

The current Missouri Realtor Association President is a Joplin area Realtor who lives outside Joplin school district.

Anonymous said...

They can spend a lot of money if they wish, but the truth is this woman is in every corrupt organization and partnership that CJ Huff is, and admits it proudly. Just vote for Koch,Roberts, and Martucci. Don't let this woman on the board unless you want Huff's spending spree and abuse to continue another three years.