Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hartzler: House budget is fiscally responsible, provides for strong defense

(From Fourth District Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler)

The House passed a budget resolution this week. Getting a budget passed is no small feat. It was an honor to work with my colleagues on both the Budget and Armed Services Committees to craft a budget that provides for a strong national defense, makes fiscally responsible choices, and balances, unlike President Obama’s budgets, which haven’t balanced since he took office.

By doing so, we have passed a budget that keeps Americans safe from the national security threats of today and from the fiscal threats from overspending and crushing debts. As we debated the various budget bills, I spoke on the House floor about the obligation of the federal government to provide for a strong national defense and the fiscal merits of this budget.

Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District is home to two major military installations, Whiteman Air Force Base and Fort Leonard Wood. Having provided for adequate defense funding means our troops would not be subjected to the disastrous sequester cuts that would have been triggered under President Obama’s budget proposal. Given the looming cuts to personnel at Fort Leonard Wood and the A-10 at Whiteman, this budget’s defense allotment was particularly important both to Missouri’s Fourth and our national security.

Armed Services Committee Chairman, Mac Thornberry even commented on the need for such funds stating,“Congresswoman Hartzler was instrumental in helping to secure the funds needed to ensure our military is adequately funded to face the threats of today and prepare for those of tomorrow. I sincerely thank her for efforts to keep America secure.”

The budget resolution lays out a plan on how Congress will appropriate money for the various functions of the federal government. Both the House and Senate pass their own versions, and then the two chambers will get together to compromise on a unified resolution. For the first time since I have been your Representative, we enjoy Republican majorities in both chambers, making compromise on a final budget easier to accomplish. Once we get a final budget, we can begin appropriating the funds needed in various areas of government. One positive provision in our budget is a provision called “reconciliation.” This is a potential option to pass special bills in an expedited manner. I am hopeful this will allow us to get some major legislation to the president’s desk this year.

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