Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Missouri GOP: Kander is a pawn of the national Democratic party

(From the Missouri Republican Party)

Missouri voters recently got their first glimpse of how Jason Kander intends to do the bidding of national Democrat leaders if he is elected to the Senate.

Just hours after pledging not to comment on the Senate’s letter regarding the Obama Administration’s nuclear negotiations with Iran, Kander reversed course and began parroting national Democratic talking points.

“Jason Kander is a pawn of the national Democratic party. While Roy Blunt works to prevent a nuclear Iran, Kander waited for talking points and instructions from national Democrats before endorsing Obama's flawed and dangerous foreign policy agenda,” said Jonathon Prouty, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party. “Clearly, Kander is more interested in representing the interests of the Democratic Party than doing what’s best for Missouri. Missourians will remember this the next time Kander claims to be an independent voice.”


On Sunday, while national Democrats were piling on, Kander’s campaign said they would not be commenting on the issue.

From PoliticMO, 3/16/2015: But while Democrats were criticizing Blunt, his likely Democratic opponent – Secretary of State Jason Kander – stayed quiet. A spokesman for Kander, a veteran of the military who spoke out against Blunt’s national security credentials last month, said Sunday that he would not be weighing in on the issue.

But Monday, presumably after receiving instructions from the DNC and DSCC, Kander changed course and mimicked national Democrat talking points.

From the Springfield News-Leader, 3/16/2015: On Monday, Democrat Jason Kander, who is challenging Blunt in the 2016 Senate race, jumped into the fray. "Everyone who signed [the letter] should be embarrassed," Kander, Missouri's secretary of state, said in a statement. "That's just not how international diplomacy works. United States senators can't throw a fit in the form of a strongly worded letter."

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Anonymous said...

It obviously is ok for the republican slam machine to do this to the democratic side, but OMG when the dems fire back tghe crying begins.