Monday, March 30, 2015

Media reports: Schweich media coordinator Spence Jackson commits suicide

 Only slightly more than a month after the suicide of his boss, State Auditor Thomas Schweich, media sources are reporting that Schweich's media coordinator Spence Jackson, 44, has also killed himself.

From the KTVI report:

Jefferson City police say they won`t release any details until later Monday morning. An official with the Cole County Sheriff`s Department says they have no comment at this point. Jackson had been Schweich`s media director since May of 2011. He also held other key republican jobs in state government.

Jackson was critical of Schweich`s political adversaries and even called for the resignation of Missouri`s Republican Party Chairman John Hancock. That came after allegations that Hancock was behind an anti-Semitic ‘whisper campaign’ that may have led to Schweich committing suicide. Hancock has strongly denied that accusation.

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