Thursday, March 26, 2015

Joplin Progress Committee pours $3,500 into Sharp, Good campaigns

The people who gave Joplin Wallace-Bajjali are doing their best to keep C. J. Huff in power.

An eight-days-before-election report filed today with the Missouri Ethics Commission shows that the Joplin Progress Committee contributed $3,500 to two pro-Huff candidates for the Joplin R-8 Board of Education, Board President Anne Sharp and Bright Futures USA Chairman Nancy Good, with each candidate getting $1,750.

The Committee initially had endorsed three candidates, Sharp, Good, and former Joplin Police Chief Lane Roberts, but Roberts has said he will not serve after Gov. Jay Nixon appointed
him as head of the Missouri Department of Public Safety. The committee also sent Roberts a check for $1,750, but he returned it on March 20.

The contributions to the candidates were made March 12, according to the report.

The committee received $1,500 over the last four and a half weeks, with contributions from the following

Charles Kuehn, Joplin, Four State Homes $200
Jane Cage, Joplin, CART chairman $100
Jerrod Hogan, Anderson Engineering $100
James Hicklin, Abbey Title Company $100
TroJen Properties LLC, Joplin $100
Michael Wiggins, Webb City, Granny Shaffer's Restaurant, $100
Fred Osborn, Carl Junction, Mercy Hospital, $100
Gary Pulsipher, Joplin, Mercy Hospital $100
Veri Properties, Carl Junction $100
Dr. Lance Beshore, Joplin, Leggett & Platt $100
Sharon Beshore, Joplin $100
Gary Brown, Joplin, BKD LLP $100
The Doris Carlin Team, Inc. Joplin $100
Michael Pence, Joplin, $100

The contributions may not be over. The report says the committee still has $3,829.63 in the bank and people who would probably be happy to contribute more.

At its 40-days-before-election filing with the Missouri Ethics Commission, the Joplin Progress Committee reported the following contributions:

Brad Beecher, Carl Junction, Empire District Electric Company $100
Clifford Wert, Webb City $100
Ronald Getz, Joplin, Empire District Electric Company $100
Karen Plott, Carl Junction, Choice Marketing $100
T. J. Franz and Associates, Webb City, $100
Henry Robertson Jr. Joplin $100
Troy Hill, Joplin BKD LLP $100
Cynthia Schwab Joplin $500
Rodney Spriggs, Joplin, Vintage Stock, $100
Sara Newman, Joplin, $100


Anonymous said...

Many names on the list of contributors are from surrounding areas or have a connection with private schools. If they are so pleased with the direction of Joplin public schools, why aren't their kids/grandkids enrolled here? It is so maddening to see them act superior to those of us who are stuck here.

Anonymous said...

You can't/won't buy my vote

Anonymous said...

Nancy Good is listed as a member of the Joplin Progress Committee.

Anonymous said...

The Joplin Progress Committee is just like the Joplin BOE; they both don’t follow their own stated guidelines! Neither Sharp nor Good compare well to the published JPC Values and Key Competencies. Anne has demonstrated for the at least the last eight years that she doesn't: "possess a basic understanding of Missouri Open Meeting requirements and Robert’s Rules of Order; have a basic understanding of financial matters; have good time management skills coupled with a commitment to come to meetings fully prepared; have the ability to discuss and debate without being argumentative; have a willingness to support a strong and clear vision for Joplin’s future;” feel comfortable as a public speaker." And Good was not very prepared to discuss any educational issues during the Candidate's Forum.

Anonymous said...

It's a sad day when the superintendent works so hard to pick his own bosses. Huff serves on CART and on JPC. This is how he has gotten away with so much. He buys his way in and holds his "supporters" accountable. It must stop. Do not allow any more years to go by with purchased votes and poorly run schools. Send these greedy, spiteful people packing.

Anonymous said...

These two hags don't need any more money from anyone. This is just a way to buy their votes or their silence if they get in. Make sure they don't get elected, people. They have a lot to hide. It's past time to expose them.