Friday, April 03, 2015

Nancy Good adds another $2,000 to school board race

What has probably been the most expensive school board race in Joplin history reached another level this morning as Bright Futures USA Chairman Nancy Good contributed $2,000 more to her campaign, according to a 24-hour filing with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Combined with previous amounts, including $3,500 from the Joplin Progress Committee and more than $5,000 from Missouri REALTORS, Good will have spent more than $12,000, with a large portion of her money coming from outside of the school district.

In addition to the $5,000+ from Missouri REALTORS, many of those who are funding the Joplin Progress Committee are not from Joplin and do not live in the school district.

Goode, Melissa Campbell, and Jennifer Martucci are running for the one-year unexpired term left open when Dawn Sticklen resigned last year.


Anonymous said...

Just saw a Good commercial on KOAM. There was no real content, all she speaks of is her integrity and promise to put the students' interests first. Yeah right Nancy.
Oh, her commercial was followed by one for Atlas Safe Rooms. Doesn't Landis work for them?

Anonymous said...

No Good.

Anonymous said...

She can spend all she wants to, but having come out in CJ Huff's favor she won't get or buy my vote. She also admittedly knows nothing about what goes on in schools and she, in her own words, claims to have "been in on" Bright Futures USA "from the beginning." We don't need more of this type of person on the board. We have several already.

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder why people from out of town have such a vested interest in what happens with the Joplin Schools Board of Education. Perhaps the city audit will shed some light on that. I would guess there is a lot of covering up to do.

Dusty Roads said...

Nancy has a lot of money and she knows a lot of people who have a lot of money, so it is no surprise that she has such a large war chest. That is just the way it works with rich folk.