Friday, April 03, 2015

Globe article on R-8 lawsuit neglected important detail

While anyone who has read the Joplin Globe over the past few years expects Joplin R-8 School District stories to avoid any allegations of mismanagement on the part of the School Board and the C. J. Huff Administration was not surprised by the way the district's lawsuit against an electrical contractor was covered, the Globe conveniently left out one of the most important facts in the action which was filed earlier this week in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri.

The district's allegations are spelled out in full detail and there is nothing wrong with that. District attorneys say they do not owe the PI Group of Lenexa any of the $7 million bill it received March 18. Defective work was cited, among other things.

The description of the P1 side was limited to "increased construction costs" and"labor inefficiencies."

What goes unmentioned is that those costs, according to P1's bill came as a direct result of the Huff Administration and the School Board's decision to accelerate the construction beginning last spring and continuing through the summer in an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to get the building open by the August starting date.

When the fact is added, the story is nowhere near as clearcut as the Globe makes it appear to be.

It also is information that voters should be aware of before they go to the polls Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

This would be documented by a change order Randy. In order for the company to "accelerate" the work they should have executed a change order with the district. If the company can't produce a signed agreement to accelerate and the work, then it's their own fault.

Anonymous said...

Hey Randy how much does a board member make above the table [or pay taxes on]

Anonymous said...

I remember when Hurry It Up Huff denied that the High School had failed an inspection. Then the inspection was posted here.

Anonymous said...

It would be like Huff to stick the working man because of his own poor judgment instead of owning up to the consequences of his poor decisions. He does it every day, and a "positivity rant" four days before the election won't be enough to convince people otherwise. Pay your bill like a man, Huff. Own your mistake. Apologize to the people. Then you might recover a tiny bit of respect.

Anonymous said...

Once again, since Huff didn't address my question in his positivity post, how bad are these electrical issues? If the building passed inspection, then how bad can they be? And if they are so bad that Huff doesn't feel the contractors should be paid for their efforts, then why do we have children and staff in that building? This is as weak and desperate as everything else he does in a vain attempt to cover his tracks.

CJ Huff needs to resign. He proves over and over again how inept he is at his job.

Anonymous said...

If our finances are as great as Huff says they are, then why can't he pay his bill? He's still making new jobs at the admin building, so he must not be too broke. I would encourage the electric contractor to counter sue. The way Huff is spending, he isn't broke. He just doesn't like to pay people for the work they do.

Anonymous said...

If I was told to make a prediction I'd predict that someone signed off on the change orders but now they aren't in the district's files.