Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Hawley: Our way of life is at risk; we must defeat Claire McCaskill

Attorney General Josh Hawley launched his fall campaign for the U. S. Senate currently held by Democrat Claire McCaskill immediately after winning the Republican nomination Tuesday.

The Hawley campaign sent an e-mail describing the race and asking for money to help defeat McCaskill.

The text of the message is printed below:

I want to thank all those who came out to vote yesterday in Missouri’s primary election; your voices have been heard. I am honored to have been chosen as Missouri's GOP nominee for the United States Senate, and I promise that I will not let you down.

Now, the real work begins as we look to Election Day. It’s no secret that Senator McCaskill has been raising enormous amounts of money through deep pocket donors from Hollywood to New York.

Our way of life is at risk, and Missourians all across the state must work to protect it. Without defeating Claire McCaskill, we stand to lose so much; Democrats want to take tax breaks away from our families, and are trying to obstruct any qualified conservative judge from ever sitting on the Supreme Court.

I’m running to make sure none of that ever happens.

By donating to Team Hawley, you can help me bring Constitutional Conservatism back to the Senate and Heartland values back to Washington.


Anonymous said...

Does Putin have something on you too? Your immoral and unethical president calling our allies the enemy while kissing Putin's ass isn't a risk to our way of life? The fool you call president is closing US businesses and farms with his tariffs and you don't call that a risk to our way of life? Your complicit "party before country" republicans are condoning this con mans behavior and allowing him to destroy our constitution but you don't see that as risking our way of life? So rather than do what is right for country and Missouri, you will play pious toady to your feckless leader. Let's see how the farmers and business owners react to your ignorance of their actual plight. Maybe you should ask them who is risking our way of life.

Anonymous said...

821...bitter,bitter loser...stop whining.

Anonymous said...

211......typical republican response. Don't respond to actual fact, just talk about the other side losing. Unfortunately, everyone is losing with this Russian puppet in the white house. But, as to your party before country loyalty, I commend you for at least believing in something until your told to believe something different. Again. Then you can believe that way too.

Concerned citizen said...

Russian,chicken little is alive and well..fact,President O embraced our enemies....facts,only history will know.

Harvey Hutchinson said...

The anonymous cowards keep making up lies about President Trump and Russia. He just imposed the strongest sanctions against Russia yet. Piece of crap Obama only gave €150 Billion under the cover of darkness to the Iranians ( his brothers)
Trump will straighten it all ou.
We need Hawley to help him; and Claire is toast!!
Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text

Anonymous said...

Oh, the farce is strong in this one. Go get 'em harvey. You keep your conspiracy lies going. All the while, Comrade Trump will keep handing more and more over to your buddy Putin. He will be removing the sanctions right after the election to keep Putin from getting too mad at him. Piece of crap Trump breaking the emoluments clause is just for starters. Fools like you bless his unethical behavior but would be crying the loudest if it was done by another party.

Anonymous said...

Harvey, you need to get your facts straight. Obama paid that money to Iran and it was only 1.5 billion because we still had their money from the 70's due to sanctions placed against it. Now who is lying and not telling the facts. It is no nothings like you that kiss the backside of all republican candidates even if they are crooked, lying thiefs, and in the case of your pro Russian president sucking up to the wrong side. Let us not get into Billy Long who has yet to show his face to a open forum where intelligent discussions can take place versus showing up unannounced to just republican donors. It is sad to see someone with such misplaced allegiance.

I have a nom de plume like most of the founding fathers said...

Piece of crap Obama only gave €150 Billion under the cover of darkness to the Iranians ( his brothers)

Keep it classy there Hervey.

Trump will straighten it all ou.

Him and his MarALago deplorables? Have another hit on your WHACKpipe?

We can always count on you to regurgitate all the latest right wing nutjobbery!

Can you tell us how to differentiate your postings from that of a spavined trumpbot?

P.S. I bet the comments Randy doesn't post have more whack than a weed eater factory!

Morgan J Bearden said...

“Our way of life is at risk”...What a load of hogwash - but this is what they do: make up nonsense and lie hoping to scare ignorant people into voting for them.

Well, at least she ain't another Roy Blunt Junior said...

I remember how in the early 2000s all these local factories closing down while Republican congressmen and senators supported the losing unnecessary wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some, like Jim Talent were especially clueless, talking about stopping welfare while at the same time encouraging these factories to offshore to Mexico and China.

Claire McCaskill was elected in place of Jim Talent because she was against these stupid foreign wars and claimed to be against off-shoring. She then voted for Obamacare and other things. I really don't like her much as Hillary-Lite.

But still, I don't see how electing Joshua "Howdy Doody" Hawley, boy corporate lawyer shill to take the place of Claire McCaskill will be any improvement.

Do we really need Roy Blunt Senior and Howdy-Doody Hawley as Roy Blunt Junior representing the corporate interests while pretending to represent ours?

One Roy Blunt corporate clown clone is quite enough.

Anonymous said...

At least Blunt's kid ain't part of Missouri politics anymore.

Anonymous said...

Matt is getting what he played for- he's president of the American Automotive Policy Council and Dolt 45's trade policies and trade wars have about as much thought behind them as... well... words fail.

So anyway, Yung Blunt is getting paid handsomely to do whatever he does, policy wise and lobbying wise.

Harvey Hutchinson said...

We need that evil doer Jezebel McCadkillmouutq here. She can get a job on Morning JoebDhow on Fake News
Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text

Anonymous said...

There you go again Harvey. Do you have fits with those spasms? Why don't you learn to type before you put your ignorant tripe out here for all to see just how ignorant you are?

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is Jezebel McCadkillmouutq and what is the Morning JoebDhow? Harvey, your Tourette's is showing again. Time for your meds and your tinfoil hat.