Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Special interest PAC paid $220,500 for negative ads in unsuccessful effort to defeat Bill White

A special interest political action committee spent $220,500 on negative ads against Rep. Bill White attempting to derail his bid for 32nd District State Senate and the attacks continued right up until the polls closed.

The Missouri Senate Conservatives Fund, which was launched in June, and only participated in a handful of races, made a $50,000 media buy Monday from Patrick Media, Marshfield, to continue negative advertising against White, according to documents filed Tuesday with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

The PAC also spent $21,700 Monday for a late mailer, but did not pay for either expenditure, according to the report, which noted that the expenditures had been "incurred."

The Missouri Senate Conservatives Fund spent $84,000 on media ads against White July 26, and another $43,100 on July 31, for a total of $177,100.

Another $21,700 was spent July 31 for mailers, according to the Ethics Commission documents.

The attacks ads were ultimately unsuccessful since White defeated former Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce President Rob O'Brian by a nearly 2-1 margin Tuesday. White will face Democrat Carolyn McGowan and Green Party candidate Conon Gillis in the general election.

According to Missouri law, committees such as the Missouri Senate Conservatives Fund can spend as much as they want to support or oppose a candidate or issue, but cannot coordinate with the campaign committee of an opponent.

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Steve Holmes said...

I thought White was a reliable conservative in a strongly conservative area. OTherwise, he wouldn't have won election to the House so many times. What was the PAC's beef with him?

Anonymous said...

How much money has hump the money David lost with all his losers in the election including Greitens {i will never by tamko again}

Anonymous said...

It makes or it has to make one wonder why spend so much money on these elections for certain candidates if you don't expect a big return on your money. Seems the money behind the republican candidates have got an awful lot to throw around. Too bad they cannot support health care facilities or birth control clinics to prevent unwanted pregnancies versus having the populace in general support their life for the next twenty years. Hey, here is an idea, fund some scholarships for teachers who excel in the classroom to attend graduate school, contribute to a classroom addition, provide for a special speaker to go around to schools about violence, support the fire and police officers with pay or retirement benefits, help disabled veterans and the widows of fallen soldiers and public emergency personnel. Makes too much sense I guess as the return would only be short term as to income tax deduction.

Anonymous said...

The irony is that Humphreys pushes for all the audits. The audit hung the Blasters and Wallace Bajjali criticism on O'Brian. Then Humphreys has to pay to bash White in favor of O'Brian.