Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Neosho mayor wins three-way race for state representative

Neosho Mayor Ben Baker won a three-way race for the Republican nomination for 160th District state representative. Baker will face Democrat Angela Thomas in the November election.

Baker received 3,709 votes to 1,686 for Raleigh Drue Ritter and 986 for David Osborn.

In Newton County races, Christine Rhoades won the Division III Circuit Judge race with 4,346 votes to 3,050 for former State Representative Bryan Stevenson and 2,824 for Jared Thomas.

Tami Owens topped the county clerk votes with 4,609 to Dana Eads with 3,920 and Dawnette Osborn Burnett with 1,177.

(Note: The post has been corrected to note that Baker will have an opponent in November.)


Anonymous said...

You are wrong, he will be running against Angela Thomas.

Anonymous said...

A professor at the local BuyBull kollege...that about says it all.


Harvey Hutchinson said...

He’s a great guy and will make a super legislator!

Anonymous cowards are trying to make blasphemous jokes— since they don’t have the courage to use their name they won’t make it in the Colbert crappy show!

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Anonymous said...

He fits right in amid this hotbed of God Nazis.

Anonymous said...

Careful there Hervey.

Don't mistake yourself for someone who is influential.

Harvey Hutchinson said...

If any of you anonymous don’t like the Bible Belt,
Try Hollywood or upper east side New York, you could fit in with that trash real well.

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Anonymous said...

Oh hell Harvey. All we have to do to change the demographics of Southwest Missouri is to import massive numbers of minorities. One has to wonder why a white boy like you has to leave Louisiana where he fits into the Trailer Trash mode so well.