Saturday, August 04, 2018

St. Louis developer spends $10,000 to defeat Bill White

Drury Development Corporation, St. Louis, reported spending $10,000 to oppose Rep. Bill White's bid for 32nd District State Senate, according to a 24-hour report filed Friday with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

The buy officially came from the Missouri Republican Leadership PAC, which took a $10,000 contnribution from Drury Development and spent it on last minute digital media attack ads.

Added to the $105,700 spent by the Missouri Senate Conservatives Fund, so far $115,700 have been spent by forces opposing White.

According to Missouri laws, political action committees that spend money opposing or supporting candidates are not allowed to coordinate with the candidates' opposition. White is opposed by former Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce President Rob O'Brian in the Republican primary.

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Senate Conservatives PAC pays for $105,700 in attack ads against Bill White


Steve Holmes said...

Republicans, help me understand. Why the opposition to Bill White? Hasn't he been a reliable conservative vote in the Missouri House? Is he viewed as not conservative enough? That's tough to believe since this area fancies itself deeply conservative. Maybe there something personal going on?

Anonymous said...

Heres a question? After years as the head of the Joplin Chamber, taking over $300,000 from the city of Joplin each year, Rob Obrian is running on a negative commercial of "this dog won't hunt" It's unfortunate he couldn't name one positive example to run on after taking all that money for all those years.

Anonymous said...

Steve, the elitists of the local Republicans see O'Brian as the candidate who will continue to push their agenda which only benefits themselves. O'Brian is not interested in representing what is best for the avershe person (Democrat or Republican)...only what is best for the very tiny group of special interests with money. Bill White represents the voice of the average conservative which is the majority of our area.

Anonymous said...

Bill White is dependable and honorable. He has done a fine job and today I cast my vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Hah! He should have just set fire to his $10,000