Friday, March 06, 2015

Anne Sharp: If you want to know what we did in secret, just ask us

 The arrogance of Joplin R-8 Board President Anne Sharp and Superintendent C. J. Huff continues to astound me.

In this morning's Joplin Globe, they continue to assert that they know more about the law than state auditors.

More troubling is the idea that they claim they are being transparent when they are not revealing votes that take place in closed session, but they will reveal the information if they are asked.

As the state auditors noted, if the discussion is taking place in closed session, how will the public even know what question to ask?

From the Globe article, Anne Sharp made her latest baffling statement. (Just ask her a question and you will receive a baffling statement.)

I think there might be a perception that closed sessions are not available to the public and they are- you just have to request them.

This only passes for leadership if you are shopping in the bargain basement.

And as he always does when he has something he wants and wants to give the appearance of public input, Huff plans to form a "small" committee to see if he and the board should follow the law.

Huff also says, "We just feel like we're meeting the minimum requirements of the Sunshine Law."

The Joplin R-8 School District deserves far more transparency than just the "minimum requirements of the Sunshine Law."

The Joplin R-8 School District deserves more trustworthy leaders than Anne Sharp and C. J.. Huff.

We need leaders who follow the law because it is the law.


Anonymous said...

I heard Huff say they had to be very strategic over these last years. This must be their strategy... "Don't let the public know what we do in closed sessions" I have strong suspicions that they have seriously violated the Sunshine Law and illegally discussed many topics behind closed doors that were not listed as reasons for a closed session.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy! We get to have another citizen's panel to decipher the meaning of illegal and come up with suggestions on just how the school board and administration might satisfy that meaning. I would suggest, posting all activities during a closed meeting in a widely distributed daily publication in Russia. Have they all so quickly forgotten that the initial demand for an audit originated with a petition drive that was quickly approaching more than enough signatures to force it. Do they really think that if they trump up some loose semantics to question state auditors take on the sunshine law that the individual that began the whole audit process to begin with will just sit by and call it a day?

Anonymous said...

Read the audit carefully. One of the items listed under the Sunshine Law needs no committee to clarify it. The auditor plainly states that 10 cents a page is the cost of a document requested under the Freedom of Information Act, but CJ charged someone $150.00 for one document and apparently $18.00 an hour for "research" for another. Why would he do that, and what did he do with the money? Why is simple. He obviously was trying to get someone to withdraw their requests by overcharging, and assuming they would not know better in both situations. In this district, one could assume that the majority of documents are on a computer server and would take very little time to find. There is no excuse for this. It is purely a matter of intimidation and abuse of power. This was a blatant, obvious, and purposeful violation of the law.

That the president of the school board doesn't see what is wrong with that is why she needs to be sent packing to join her predecessor, President Flowers. The abuse, coercion, and greed must end. Why would she sacrifice her own reputation this way is a bigger mystery. Perhaps she, also, gains from this association. Or perhaps she is also a victim, but that is difficult to believe with her resources. It must stop in April.

Anonymous said...

"We just feel like we are meeting..."

Rather evasive, isn't it? Saying one "feels like" is a long way from saying one "knows." He "knows" he has violated the law flagrantly. He is assuming you all will be stupid enough to believe him.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie and Clyde together again. Tied at the hip.

Anonymous said...

I bet the citizens panel looks just like JPAC, CART, JRC, and Bright Futures USA. Same people protecting the same backs. Take Nancy Good, for example. She believes R8 is doing an excellent job. And she has served on all of these things. Part of the Huff cheerleading squad.

Just say no, people. Demand the board take action and be responsible. Email, phone, tweet, stop them everywhere they go. They work for you, not CJ Huff. Hold them accountable every second of every day. They've earned that.

Anonymous said...

I guess that means that CJ won't mind turning over the documents from the closed session that was held for the termination of Larry Masters?

Anonymous said...

Did the parent who was overcharged for information requested under the Sunshine Law ever receive the info? If so, it sounds like the District owes that person some money.