Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Joplin R-8 Board hires 11 teachers, five classified employees, accepts one teacher resignation

During a July 24 closed session, the Joplin R-8 Board of Education approved the hiring of 11 teachers and five classified employees and accepted the resignations of one teacher and 19 certified employees.

Certified hires- Tanya Burk, Courtney Crandon, Jennifer Glenn, Renee Goostree, Roxcee McCully, Kira Mitchel, Elsie Morris, George Richardson, Elizabeth Stewart, Joan Hatfield, Melissa Heilbrun

Classified hires- Shelbie Huffman, Mike McGrew, Bruce Stockton, Erika Torres, Dixie Sharp

Certified resignation- Kasey Kimbrough,

Classified resignations- Brett Burlingame, Craig Cole, Barbara Collett, Emily Dunlap, Donnie Eichelberger, Darla Hansen, Richard Holland, Jason Hutchcraft, Samuel Martin, Kelsey Mertens, Gary Mishler, Tanner Rodgers, Dorothy Shuter, Sawyer Smith, Stephanie Stapleton, David Visser, Guy Voltz, Tess Watske, Joan Hatfield

Probationary teacher approved- Preston Sharp

Contractual employment agreements approved:

Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP) - Christine Perrey and Elizabeth Betebenner
Occupational Therapy (OT) - Hannelie Smit
Physical Therapist (PT) - Mary Lowry
Visual Impairment Services - Carthage Schools, and Debbie Wolfe
Licensed Psychologist - John Godfrey

The board also discussed legal matters.


Anonymous said...

Noticed a retired ex administrator was hired. Please tell me she is not being added to central office. Please. Huff did the same damn thing.

Anonymous said...

I would be much more curious to know why 19 support staff resigned right before school is starting???????????