Monday, August 06, 2018

Probable cause details Joplin man's alleged sexual assaults on underage boys, more felony charges expected in Newton County

Matthew Galati, 29, Joplin, used his connection with a youth program at a Miami, Oklahoma church to gain access to underage boys, then molested them, according to a probable cause statement filed in Jasper County Circuit Court.

In addition to the six counts of statutory sodomy filed against Galati in Jasper County, more felony sex charges involving at least one underage boy are expected to be filed in Newton County, where he allegedly molested a boy at a hotel.

The probable cause statement begins

On two occasions at Galati's home, the probable cause statement said, he touched the boy's sex organ. On a second occasion, the boy stayed overnight with Galati, who touched his sex organ while the two were watching a movie.

During that same time period, according to the statement, the boy and two other underage boys were sexually touched by Galati at his home, with the four of them naked in Galati's bed. At least two of the boys were in Galati's church group.

Galati also had sexual contact with an underage boy at a Newton County hotel, according to the probable cause statement. The Newton County Prosecuting Attorney's office is expected to file charges. The boy stayed at Galati's home. On two occasions, Galati and the boy were naked at Galati's home and Galati sexually touched him.

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Anonymous said...

Proud to see you use "sexual assaults." Language matters, and I notice and appreciate your change in verbiage.

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Anonymous said...

What makes this even worse (if that is even possible) is that this man represented the church and has now desecrated the goodness that should have come from him being part of it.

I hope people realize the majority of people are good and only a few bring reproach upon the church.

God bless these victims and their families.I hope they don't let this stand between them and their walk with God.