Thursday, March 12, 2015

Joplin Progress Committee endorses Sharp, Good, Roberts

The secretive Joplin Progress Committee, brought to you by many of the same people who thought Wallace-Bajjali was the best thing to ever come to Joplin, has reportedly endorsed Board President Annie Sharp, former Joplin Police Chief Lane Roberts, and Bright Futures USA President Nancy Good for the Joplin R-8 Board of Education.

The committee, which started last year in an effort to continue the leadership brought to Joplin by former City Manager Mark Rohr and Superintendent C. J. Huff, interviewed the board candidates last week.

Nancy Good has been on the Joplin Progress Committee and last spring served as campaign treasurer for two candidates supported by the committee- current board member Shawn McGrew, who was unsuccessful in the election, but was later appointed by the board, and City Councilman Mike Woolston.


Anonymous said...

How exactly is this group secretive? If they are publicly endorsing a candidate who is part of the committee, that seems pretty transparent. And it's not as if there are any secrets in Joplin. I mean, there's no hiding the fact that these people are idiots. How could you endure Good and Sharp and Roberts all at the same time? That would be like endorsing Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Jeb Bush. One of these is not like the others.

Anonymous said...

A question - will "Lame" Roberts be a "sell out" and go along with the current school board members?

Anonymous said...

I was actually just wondering today who I should NOT vote for in the school board elections. Thanks for answering that question. I sure add hell won't vote for any of those individuals.

Anonymous said...

I am nearly as shocked as I will be when The Globe endorses these same three.

I affectionately refer to them as:

No Good
Not Sharp
Lane Robs us

Anonymous said...

Koch and Martucci are the best choices. I also like Roberts as a third choice. The others are just more puppets.

Anonymous said...

If we vote based solely on expenditure for signs, Good will win hands down. She has those monster signs affixed to two t-posts all over the place. If we vote based on hubris, Annie has signs layed up against cars in the parking lots of schools, as if they are waiting to be placed somewhere appropriate. Classy move.

Anonymous said...

The Recovery Establishment (Joplin Progress Committee) is almost entirely responsible for the city's current decline in stature. It is comprised of people who are solely concerned that a vibrant, growing Joplin would undermine their ages-old fiefdoms. An influx of new talent in the city might just threaten their old, disabling ways. So, their endorsements are a very good indicator of who NOT to support in the upcoming election.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Wallace bajjali, another lawsuit has been filed by ZT Perry on 1/27/2015 in Harris County. EVERYONE GO TO THEIR WEBSITE. ITS THERE. I'm confused because when all investors got the email telling them that both pigs had resigned this is what the "automatic response" said:
Sent: 1/26/2015 6:58:06 P.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: Automatic reply: Resignation Letter

David Wallace is no longer with Wallace Bajjali Development Partners LP. His resignation letter with his last known address is linked below.

"Prior to resigning from Wallace Bajjali, David Wallace had plans to take certain Wallace Bajjali projects to offices at the following address:

ZT Development
1535 West Loop South
Suite 200
Houston, TX 77027

The accounting records for all entities have been transferred to Arthur Lawrence at the ZT building in Pearland per the attached letter signed by David Wallace.

Last known email address for David Wallace is

Resignation Letter

Transfer of Accounting Records"

If you read the original petition in Harris County, the lawyer is from pearland, and the company is ZT Perry. According to the automatic response all investors got, it says David Wallace has a big connection to ZT Development. Could this be Wallace's greedy scam to takeover the properties in the portfolio that belong to the investors? I don't trust this man nor Bajjali. This is why they need a criminal indictment. This has to STOP. Whose behind the ZT Perry lawsuit? Could it be David Wallace himself? Now I understand why the investors have requested for an emergency hearing to appoint a court receiver immediately. Hearing is today. Wish them luck.

FURTHER MORE, Wallace has now (3/3/2015) filed bankruptcy for the Porter Dev property and the WB Murphy Road Dev LLC.
A creditor for WB Murphy Road Dev LLC is also suing them for non payment of services rendered where he had to bring the building up to code.
Lowery bank just filed a lawsuit in Fort Bend County (3/11/2015) in regards to the Porter Dev property now in banktuptcy. Seems those two may of had personal guarantees. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Huff wants his handpicked candidates Campbell, Good and Sharp to be elected to keep his position. They may be nice people but they are not right for the board. Didn't Good run McGrew's campaign?

The JNEA is endorsing Koch, Martucci, and Roberts. I know that they did their homework before making this decision.

It's time for the Joplin voters to take back control and vote for the good of the community and the future of the Joplin School District! We must elect Koch, Martucci, and Roberts!

Anonymous said...

Good is the treasurer for Bright Futures USA and is very good friends with Kim Vann, Angie Besendorfer, Shawn McGrew, Cliff Wert, and Woolston. She has been involved heavily in campaigns for Woolston and McGrew. As far as her signs, the one I threw away on my property was not put there with my permission. If another shows up there, I will prosecute. It is a misdemeanor. And if any more of the signs I DID want disappear, I will take my evidence for that to the prosecutor, also. These people are scum. Do not vote for Good, Campbell, or Sharp.

Anonymous said...

Where did she get the money for the signs? Was it her personal fortune, donors, Progress Committe, Queen Anne, Bright Futures, R8 petty cash...?