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New motions in Jayda Kyle murder case, asks for mother's phone, Facebook records, bond reduction for accused Killer

The attorney for Jaden Valen, 22, Carl Junction, the accused killer of three-year-old Jayda Kyle, wants to know if the telephone records of Jayda's mother, Devyn Kyle, dating back to nearly four months before Jayda died, have been preserved as evidence

In a motion filed Friday in Jasper County Circuit Court, Joplin attorney Tracey Martin asked for "(a)ny and all phone records, text messages, Facebook Messenger messages, archived Facebook Messages, Instagram messages, or any other social media messenger services from August 1, 2017 – December 6, 2017 to and from the cell phone (Devyn Kyle's phone number) that was preserved as evidence."

Martin's motion for Devyn Kyle's telephone and social media history prior to the abuse that killed her daughter and put Valen behind bars also includes the following request for medical records dating back to before the night of the abuse:

Any and all diagnostic imaging, including but not limited to, MRI scans, CT scans, x-rays, and any other images contained within the medical records of Jayda Kyle. 2. Any and all histology slides and/or cytology slides or smear tests preserved in the medical records of Jayda Kyle to be made available for review by medical experts.

In a second motion, Martin asked for a bond reduction for her client, who is in the Jasper County Jail on $750,000 bond, with $250,000 cash required.

Initially, Vaden, who is charged with second degree murder and felony child abuse resulting in a death, was held without bond, but Judge David Mouton set bond March 12, following an earlier bond reduction motion.

Martin notes that the bond for Chris Montz, 24, Neosho, who is charged with first degree murder in the road-rage killing of David Reynolds, 27, Carthage, is only $50,000 cash:

(T)he instant case is 2nd Degree Murder based on the premise that the death occurred during felony abuse of a child resulting in death but does not reflect premeditation or intent as indicated by a charge of 1st Degree Murder. 
(T)he disparity in charges makes it unreasonable for the Defendant to have a bond greater than that in Case 18AO-CR00626.  
(I)n addition to posting bond, the Defendant is also willing to submit to house arrest and electronic monitoring at his own expense, along with any other conditions desired by the Court.  
Defendant has strong ties to the community, and is not a flight risk, as he has lived in the area for his lifetime.  
(P)rior to his arrest Defendant was employed full-time at The Arc of the Ozarks. 
Defendant has never been arrested for any felony or misdemeanor for a violent or aggressive offense prior to this matter.  
Defendant has family members willing to be responsible for him at their home in Joplin, and no minor children are present in the home, nor will any minor children be in the presence of Defendant during any period of pretrial release. 
Martin asks Mouton to set bond at $50,000 cash or surety.

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Anonymous said...

It sickens me this child's father has more hate for her mother that he's willing to overlook the horrific torture Jalen did to his daughter! Mack Kyle may you never rest knowing you support the man that beat the life out of your baby.

Anonymous said...

So do you KNOW Jalen did this?? Mack doesn’t know anything more than the public! Things clearly aren’t adding up and it looks bad on the mother side bcuz of it! Starting w the lies from the moment JK was injured. Looks like Jalen IS AND WILL prove his innocence, then what???
Will u rest easy after supporting her???

Anonymous said...

The father NEVER stated he supported jalen! He supports the truth and only the truth! As for Jalen were you there to witness what you acuse him of?May you have sleepless nights knowing you are judging people without knowing the truth!

Anonymous said...

I will rest easy knowing jalen confessed and only later recanted his story probably after talking to friends and family...his confession was ruled by a judge to be entered as closed!! They had evidence to charge him before he confessed or he wouldnt of been arrested and mac does know more than we do....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, ‘they’ got you convinced it’s ‘case closed’ but it’s not .. Or it’d be closed already huh ? No one had anything on Jalen and he wasn’t arrested until his 90 minute interrogation. Lies on BOTH ends will be proven false and true.